Disk Antivirus Professional Removal Guide

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Disk Antivirus Professional – Removal Information

The latest rogue infection is called Disk Antivirus Professional, it’s closely related to the Security Tool malware infection that popped up a few years ago.  This particular infection comes from the Eastern block of Europe and has infected approximately 500,000 machines in the US and Canada.  All alerts and warnings from this infection are 100% fake.  It’s only goal is to dupe you into purchasing the fake software so it can steal credit card information and sell it on the black market. 

Along with stealing information, these infections can come with rootkits which are hard to detect and remove.  Rootkits can lie dormant on a computer for days or even weeks before it starts doing damage to the system.  If your system is infected with a rootkit, it’s possible software may not remove it and you will need the assistance of a technician.  Keep this in mind as you attempt to remove Disc Antivirus Professional from the system.

Disk Antivirus Professional

Screenshot of the Disk Antivirus Professional Malware Infection

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If you are experiencing any issues downloading the removal tool, give us a call and we’ll be glad to assist you.  We can be reached at 800.530.8514!


What exactly is Disk Antivirus Professional

Most of these infections are referred to as hostage infections because they prevent users from performing simple functions like running simple program, surfing the Internet, checking email, and printing documents.  Users can get infected by surfing infected websites, opening emails that come attached with the infection, or by downloading free software, games, or music that have the infection attached to the download.  Stay away from unknown download sites and peer to peer networks as these tend to attract infection based Internet traffic.

In 9 out of 10 cases, If the system had an up to date Anti-Virus and was properly patched by Microsoft’s security updates, you would have stood a good chance of preventing Disk Antivirus Professional from getting on the computer.  After systems become infected, it becomes increasingly difficult to remove an infection.  Most malware have put in place defensive measures to make sure users cannot simply install software and remove the infection.  Disk Antivirus Professional almost guarantees the need for a certified technician to work on the computer because specific files and folders will have to be manually deleted to fully complete the removal process.

To try and get past these roadblocks, we’ve put in place a set of instructions that should help users remove the Disk Antivirus Professional infection from their computers.  We recommend backing up all important files before the removal process and we recommend performing full system tune-up after the removal process.  These two things will prevent loss of data and maximize computer efficiency.  If the following instructions do not work using our recommended software, then feel free to call our malware removal hotline at 800.530.8514, we are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Click Here to Remove Disk Antivirus Professional

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