How to Remove Internet Security Guard

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Remove Internet Security Guard

The Internet Security Guard virus is back and it’s causing a lot more damage this time around.  This infection was originally released on January 14th of this year.  This is a particularly good time to release infections as people are using their new computers to search the web and send / read emails.  This is usually the number one way to get infected, it’s by visiting websites that are infected with Malware.  Unfortunately for the user, most times their computers are unprotected and the malware is able to install itself onto the computer.  Once a system is infected, it can be difficult to clean the system because the infection attempts to block any legitimate software from being installed.

This particular piece of Malware looks and functions like Microsoft Security Essentials which is a real application distributed by Microsoft Corp.  The developers of these fake applications like to mimic Microsoft, it makes it that much harder for home users to distinguish real from fake or vice versa.  The ultimate goal of this infection and others just like it is to continuously show you fake alerts and warnings in an attempt to get you to purchase.  At no time should you ever consider purchasing this fake application.  If you did purchase this infection, please contact your bank or financial institution to let them know of the fraudulent purchase.  It’s a good idea to have them issue you a new card, another business of these guys is to sell the information they collect on the black market.


Image of Internet Security Guard Virus

Internet Security Guard Virus


What is Internet Security Guard

Simply put, Internet Security Guard is considered a rogue malware infection.  We always recommend our readers to get proper protection after this infection is removed and to make sure their computers are setup to accept automatic updates / patches from Microsoft.  This can be configured through the Control Panel – System Security – Windows Update.

We always get the same exact question from our visitors, “How did I get infected with this virus?”  We tell most people they get infected through SPAM emails, social networks, or by downloading free software / games / video.  All of or one of these computer surfing habits could lead to getting infected by a piece of Malware like Internet Security Guard.  After your computer is infected, this particular infection will corrupt the registry and make it difficult to run legitimate removal software by taking away the ability to download and install software.  While attempting to remove this infection, it needs to be done in Safe Mode with Networking.  Below are step by step instructions to walk you through the cleanup process.


Removal Instructions for Internet Security Guard

1.  Start Windows in Safe Mode with Networking.  Reboot your computer and start hitting the F8 button on your keyboard continuously upon reboot.  After continuously hitting the F8 button, you will see a screen that says, ‘Advanced Boot Options’ or ‘Windows Advanced Options Menu’.  Arrow down to where it says ‘Safe Mode with Networking’ and hit enter on the keyboard.  You should now be in Safe Mode with Networking.

2.  Download Removal Tool Here – Advanced Removal Tool by Spyware Doctor

3.  Follow the setup wizard until you reach the main interface which will allow you to scan for Internet Security Guard.

4.  This is the most important step of the process.  After Spyware Doctor has run a full scan, you must register the software in order to remove the infections.  After you have registered the software, you can then remove all the detected threats and have real-time protection moving forward.


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