INTERPOL Virus (Ukash) – Removal Guide

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Interpol Virus – Removal Guide

Image of the Interpol Virus


One of the latest rogue infection is called the Interpol Virus, released in early October 2012.  This infection is being released at an alarming rate with over 20,000 computers getting infected per day, most of the distribution is happening in the United States.  The goal of this infection is to hold your computer ransom until you pay the fee to have it removed.  The Moneypak virus has zero affiliation any government organization, let alone the FBI. 

After the system becomes infected, Interpol Virus will immediately start popping up on the computer in some sort of way (Ex. Messages, Popups, Sites, or even applications). If this happens, the best course of action is to remove it immediately. The longer it stays on the system, the more difficult it becomes to remove and the more damage it can do to the system.

When so many rootkits and infections cause pop ups and adware, it can be hard to pin point what software is causing it and can be difficult to remove. Luckly if you follow the instructions below you will be infection free.

We can be reached at 800.530.8514 if you need a malware removal specialist to assist.


What exactly is Ransomware, like Interpol Virus?

Exmaples of Ransomware

Most of these infections are referred to as hostage infections because they prevent users from performing simple functions like running simple programs, websurfing on the Internet, checking their emails, and printing documents you may notice you cannot do a few of these things with the Interpol Virus. Even after doing all these things, the last is the worst. A lot of these ransomwares will now encrypt / lock your personal files so you may never use them again unless payment is made. When this happens the infection will leave a note with instructions on how to pay. You should try to avoid paying by all means, either by loading a backup, or a restore point. Users can get infected by surfing infected websites, opening emails that come attached with the infection, or by downloading free software, games, or music that have the infection attached to the download. Stay away from unknown download sites and peer to peer networks as these tend to attract infection based Internet traffic.

In 9 out of 10 cases, If the system had an up to date Anti-Virus and was properly patched by Microsoft’s security updates, the user would stand a good chance of preventing the infection. After systems become infected, it becomes increasingly difficult to remove the infection. Viruses have put in place defensive measures to make sure users cannot simply install software and remove the virus. This particular infection almost guarantees the need for a certified technician to work on the computer because specific files and folders will have to be manually deleted to complete the removal process.

There are many different forms and shapes Ransomware can take. FBI MoneyPak, FBI, Interpol Virus, MoneyPak, Ukash, yorkshire, UK, Ice, Department of Justice, White screen, jak usunąć, Ransomware Reloaded, WinLock, Reveton, Zeus, Paysafecard, Metropolitan Police Service, Police National E-Crime Unit, Votre ordinateur a ete pour violation de la loi Française, CryptorBit, CryptoWall, CryptoLocker, BitCrypt, PoshKoder, and CryptoDefense are all different types of Ransomware that does the same thing, Lock you out of your computer or files.

If the Ransomware that you have is not the Interpol Virus, I encourage you to still try these removal steps, as many Ransomware viruses are located in the same area and just have a different name.

To try and get past these roadblocks, we’ve put in place a set of instructions that should help users remove the Interpol Virus from their computers. We recommend backing up all important files before the removal process and we recommend performing full system tune-up after the removal process. These two things will prevent loss of data and maximize computer efficiency. If the following instructions do not work and you cannot get rid of the Interpol Virus using our recommended software, then feel free to call our Virus removal hotline at 800.530.8514, we are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Click here for more about Ransomware..


Interpol Virus

How to remove Interpol Virus

Interpol Virus Interpol Virus Interpol Virus
  1. Option 1 – Manual Removal (ADVANCED – 66 Total Steps)
    1. Interpol Virus Removal Applications - 6 Steps
    2. Manual Interpol Virus Removal - 20 Steps
    3. Perform a System Restore - 11 Steps
    4. Safe Mode With Networking- 8 Steps
    5. KickStart Flash Drive Option- 6 Steps
    6. Kaspersky CD removal- 15 Steps

  2. Option 2 – Automated Removal
    1. Download our recommended Spyhunter4 here.
    2. Install and let the software scan your PC.
    3. Once Interpol Virus, and other possible infection has been found, click fix threats, register, and remove.

  3. Option 3 - Advanced Certified Technician
    1. Our friendly technicians are specially trained to remove Interpol Virus, and are standing by ready to help you! Call us at 800-530-8514
    2. Sit back and relax while we remove Interpol Virus, and other needed work!


Option 1 – Interpol Virus Removal Applications:

Easily remove the Interpol Virus using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Software.

1. Before we begin the steps we need to boot into safemode with networking, as there is a good chance if you have Interpol Virus you cannot get into normal mode. So please shut down your computer if you havent done so already by holding down the power button on your computer’s tower for 10 seconds, or until you hear it turn off.

    Interpol Virusware

2. When the computer is off, push the power button once to turn it back on. As soon as you see anything on your computer screen continuously tap "F8" (Windows 8 is Shift-F8) repeatly until you see the “Advanced Boot Options Screen”.

    Interpol Virusware

3. Select “Safemode with Networking” here and allow it to boot up into your desktop. If you immediantly see the virus at boot, please attempt another option, or give us a call.

    Interpol Virusware

4. Open your web browser and download malwarebytes at, when at the site click “Free Download“. It will redirect you to ““. Once there click the big green “Download Now” button

    Interpol Virusware

5. Once you have downloaded and installed Malwarebytes, open into it and run a full system scan by selecting Perform full scan and then clicking on the scan button located at the lower part of the page.


    Interpol Virus

6. Once the scan is done, Malwarebytes will display thstronge results, showing the malware and possibly the Interpol Virus that was found. Now you need to select all of the malicious files and click the Remove Selected button on the lower left side of the page.

    Interpol Virus

alert Interpol Virus ProfessionalNote

If Malwarebytes didn’t work, here are some other popular Interpol Virus Removal tools:

Super Anti-Spyware, Hitman Pro, AVG Antivirus, Kaspersky, Microsoft Defender, and Microsoft Security Essentials.

Option 2 – Manual Interpol Virus Removal (advanced):


alert Interpol Virus ProfessionalAlert

This option is very advanced and should be handled with extreme care or by a technician, please give us a call if you have any questions or need help. Some of the files described in this sample solution may not be found in your Interpol Virus infection because there are so many different types and they can be named randomly. So do not be alarmed if you cannot find one of the files, as it may not be there and may be named something else. It could also be in a different location.


1. Turn off the infected computer completely by holding in the power button of the computer for 10 seconds or until the computer shuts completely off. (If the computer is already off skip this step)

    Interpol Virusware

2. Turn on the computer by pressing the power button and immediately begin to tap the “F8” (Windows 8 is Shift-F8) button over and over until you see the “Advanced Boot Options” screen which looks like this:

    Interpol Virusware

3. Please select “Safe Mode with Command Prompt” after selecting this you will see a large amount of text on the screen, and when it is done you will see a black box labeled “Command Prompt” with a blinking white cursor on it where you could begin typing.

    Interpol Virusware

4. Please type “Explorer.exe” in the black box with blinking cursor and hit the “Enter” key. If done correctly you will see your “Start Menu” and desktop icons come back onto your computer.

    Interpol Virus

5. Now we need to show hidden files. Double click on any folder on your computer to open it.
(EX. “My computer, My Documents, any personal folder even)

While the folder is up hold down the “Alt” key and press “T”. This will bring you to a drop down menu which you need to click “Folder Options” on. When you first get in the “Folder Options” page click on the “View” tab at the top of the page, there will be a list on this page.

About 7 to 8 check boxes down there will be a folder named “Hidden Files and folders” with 2 circle check boxes under it, it is the only option with circle check boxes. Under “Hidden Files and folders”, click the option that says “Show hidden Files and Folders” then click “Apply”, and “OK”. This will display hidden files.

Interpol Virus

6. This step is the most important, removing the Interpol Virus and other infected files. Below is a list of “Locations” and “File names” that you will use to remove the infection.

Main Interpol Virus virus location:

windows XP only
C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\
windows vista-8 only
All windows versions
Less popular BUT still used locations:
windows XP only
C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Local Settings\Application Data\
windows XP only
C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Application Data\
windows XP only
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Interpol Virus
windows XP only
C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
windows vista-8 only
%appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
windows vista-8 only
windows vista-8 only
windows vista-8 only
All windows versions
All windows versions
%Program Files%\Interpol Virus\


alert Interpol Virus ProfessionalNote

Above are the locations that almost every Ransomware virus, like Interpol Virus, lives. There may be odd times with certain infections where they could be in a different location, but these locations are a very good place to start.

Infected File names

alert Interpol Virus ProfessionalNote

Be aware that a lot of the time the name is random, or is even a random set of numbers or letters (EX. TES20893.EXE or Snxtvfntrm.exe). The infection may also put itself in a weirdly named folder also.


Now that you know the common locations and file names, we are going to start the removal process with where to type them to. You need to go to the above locations and look for any files that are in the list or any that seem out of place.

A. Luckily the very first location, which is the most popular location for Interpol Virus, will work on any version of windows. The Interpol Virus will be in this folder most of the time, compared to the other locations. So if you find one of the listed files or a random file here, chances are this is your virus. But feel free to go through each and every location to be sure. Another popular location is %ProgramData%

Below is an example of a user that has 3 different “Infections”. They also are all in the “%appdata%” location. This is simply an example picture to show you how the infection could look when you find it.

ransom example


B. Bring up the “Run Box” we talked about in the above step by holding down the “Windows” key and taping the letter “R”.

WR Interpol Virus

    Interpol Virus run  box


    alert Interpol Virus ProfessionalNote

    This will bring up a run box with a location for you to type in. This run box can take you to every location written above. It will be your key to finding the Interpol Virus on your computer.


C. When the “Run Box” is displayed please type “%APPDATA%” (Without the Quotes) in the text field on the “Run Box” and press “OK” or hit the “Enter” key.

    Interpol Virus run  box


D. This will display your “Application Data” folder. As stated above 8 out of 10 times, the virus will be in this location. This location should have quite a few folders in them that help your applications like Microsoft office, internet explorer, and Fire Fox run to your preferences. There will never be a file in this location that if you delete, would render your system from running.

Interpol Virus

    alert Interpol Virus ProfessionalNote

    This doesn’t mean delete items that look legitimate, but it should help ease your mind about what you are removing. So please look in this location for any file in the list above, or any file that seems out of place or random. There is a very high chance that any file that ends in .EXE , .DAT , .INI , .BAT, .COM or simply has no extension can be removed from this location.)

E. Once you have found a file or multiple files that are in the list, or seem like a virus in this location, delete them and then empty your recycling bin on the desktop by right clicking it and selecting “Empty”.

    Interpol Virus

    Interpol Virus Delete

F. If you did not find a suspicious file(s) in this location it may be in any of the other locations that were listed earlier, or even if you did find a file and removed it that you believed to be a virus, but want to make sure, you can navigate to these other locations using the same steps. Simply reference the next location in the list and start back at step 6-B and when you get to step 6-C replace “%APPDATA%” with the location you referenced on the list.

    alert Interpol Virus ProfessionalNote

    When checking other locations you will need to determine what version of windows you have and only type in the locations that are for your version of windows and the ones for all versions of windows.

    For Example: If I have Windows XP I would type in the locations that have either “windows XP only” or “All windows versions“ above them. If I have Windows Vista, 7, or 8 I would type the locations that have either “windows vista-8 only“ or “All windows versions” above them.

    If you are unsure which version of windows you have, just use them all. Windows will tell you when one of the locations you typed in is not right or does not exist on your windows version.

    Remember though, %APPDATA% is the only location that mainly has only folders, making the search easier. The rest of the locations will require a more in depth search as deleting wrong files in other locations could harm your computer. If you need help with this please give us a call.

G. After going through the locations you wanted to go through and deleted the Interpol Virus and other virus files, Or even if you didn’t find any virus files, the next step is important. Even after deleting the virus files that prevent you from booting up, there still could be some hind in your %Temp% directory. Also if you didn’t find any files that matched the description of a virus file in the previous steps, they could be hiding in the %temp% directory. This step is quite easy though, as everything in this location isn’t needed. Just like step 6-B, and 6-C, bring up the run box by holding down the “windows” key and taping “R”.

WR Interpol Virus

• When it is displayed type “%temp%” (without the quotes) in the “Run box” text field.

Interpol Virus Temp

•This will display your Temporary folder. There may be a lot of folders and files in here, or very few. Either way they are not needed. Hold down the left “Ctrl” button and press “A” to selected all the items in the folder, or click the first item in the folder and scroll all the way down to the bottom. Hold down the “Shift” key and while holding it down, click on the last item in the folder and this will also highlight all the items in the folder.

With all the items highlighted press the “DEL” key on your keyboard or right click and click “Delete” then click “Yes” to confirm you want to delete the items. Some of the items may be in use and will ask you to skip them because they cant be deleted, simply skip those files and let it delete the rest. When you are done you should have no files or a very small amount left in this folder.

    Interpol Virus

H. Now that the Interpol Virus files are gone, you must remove the registry keys that were attached to these infected files, or it could cause errors when starting up your computer in the future.

alert Interpol Virus ProfessionalAlert

Entering the Registry with no knowledge of how to use it could completely render your computer incapable of starting again. Please proceed with extreme caution or get the help of a technician by calling us!

    Open the run box (Refer to step 6-B and 6-C) and type “Regedit” and press “OK” or “Enter

    • This will open the windows registry editor. If you remember the name of the infected file you deleted, you can search for it in the registry by holding down “Ctrl” and pressing “F”.
    If you do not know the name of the file, or did not find any infected files you will have to go through the registry and delete any values you find from the list below.

Interpol Virus Registry

Infected Registry locations

Option 3 – Restore-Recover Computer:

There are three different ways to restore and recover your system

Option 1: Start Menu Restore:

A. Open Windows Start Menu and select All Programs.

Start Interpol Virus

B. Select the Accessories folder.

start2 Interpol Virus

C. Select System tools then select "System Restore". You may be asked for confirmation.

Start3 Interpol Virus

D. Follow the instructions given to restore your computer back to a previous date before the virus was on your computer.

Rstrui Interpol Virus


Option 2: Windows run box Rstrui.exe Restore:

A. Open windows run box by holding down the “windows” button and pressing the "R” key, in the run box type "rstrui.exe" and press enter.
(On windows XP type “C:\windows\system32\restore\rstrui.exe)

WR Interpol Virus

Run restore Interpol Virus

B. Follow the instructions given in the Window’s Restore Wizard to restore your computer back to a time and date before you were infected by Interpol Virus.

Rstrui Interpol Virus


Option 3: Safe Mode With Command Prompt Restore:

This step is suggested if you are unable to access Window’s desktop.

alert Interpol Virus ProfessionalNote

If windows is having trouble starting into "safe mode" and Window’s comes up with a black screen and the words "safe mode" in all four corners of the screen, move your cursor to the lower left corner, over the area where the Windows Start Menu search box would be located, and it will come up.

A. Reboot your computer, if you are having problems restarting it, simply unplug it.

Interpol Virusware

B. To enter safe mode press "F8" repeatedly as your computer restarts, if done properly you will see the Windows Advanced Options Menu with three safe mode options. Select the option "Safe Mode with Command Prompt" using your arrow keys on your keyboard and press enter.

Interpol Virusware

C. Be ready to type "explorer" when the Command Prompt opens and press enter. you only have a few seconds to do so, otherwise the Interpol Virus will prevent you from typing. When your desktop is back and displayed hold down the "Windows key" (located at the bottom left of your keyboard) and tap "R", this will open the run box.

WR Interpol Virus

D. Once the run box shows up browse to:

Win XP: C:\windows\system32\restore\rstrui.exe and press "Enter"
Win Vista/Seven: C:\windows\system32\rstrui.exe and press "Enter

Run restore Interpol Virus

E. Now just follow the steps given to restore or recover your computer back to a time before the virus was on your computer, called a restore point.

Rstrui Interpol Virus

Option 4 – Safe mode with Networking:

This option is for users who need addtional files off the internet, or has applications that are malfunctioning because of the virus. The idea to this step is to get connected to the internet and get a application to remove the Interpol Virus.

1. Turn off your computer by holding in the power button for ten seconds or until you hear/see it turn off, unplug your computer if needed, press the power button to turn the computer back on.

Interpol Virusware

2. As soon as you turn the computer back on continuously press "F8" until "Windows Advanced Options" Menu comes up. Use the arrows on your keyboard to scroll down to "Safe Mode with Networking" and press "Enter".

Interpol Virusware

alert Interpol Virus ProfessionalNote

If windows is having trouble starting into "safe mode" and Window’s comes up with a black screen and the words "safe mode" in all four corners of the screen, move your cursor to the lower left corner, over the area where the Windows Start Menu search box would be located, and it will come up.

3. There are 2 options to choose from here:

• Follow steps 6 A- H to preform a manual removal from this point.
(Click the link above and follow the steps.)


Download Malwarebytes, to remove malicious files on your computer.
(Follow the Steps directly below.)

A. Download the free or paid version of

Interpol Virusware

B. Once you have downloaded Malwarebytes, open into it and run a scan by selecting Perform quick scan and then clicking on the scan button located at the bottom of the page.

Interpol Virus
C. once the scan is complete Malwarebytes will display the results, showing the malware that was detected. now you need to select all of the malicious files and click the Remove Selected button on the lower left side of the page.

Interpol Virus

alert Interpol Virus ProfessionalNote

If Malwarebytes didn’t work, here are some other popular Interpol Virus Removal tools:

Super Anti-Spyware, Hitman Pro, AVG Antivirus, Kaspersky, Microsoft Defender, and Microsoft Security Essentials.

KickStart USB Removal:

With some infections you cannot get into safe mode of any kind. This can make things a little more complicated. Luckily, there is a way to remove the infection outside of the windows environment. In this option we are going to use HitmanPro Kickstart application to remove it.

This option requires a Flash Drive, and an additional clean computer. The flash drive you will be using will be erased in the process of putting HitmanPro on it, so please be sure there is no important files, pictures, music, or documents on the flash drive!

1. Log on to your Clean uninfected computer and download the setup file of HitmanPro Kickstart. The link below will take you to HitmanPro’s download page.

Click here to Download HitmanPro Kickstart

2. After you have the HitmanPro Setup file downloaded, place a USB flash drive into your computer, you will install HitmanPro Kickstart onto this USB so you need to use a USB you can erase all information from. Open the file HitmanPro.exe, either for 32-bit Windows or 64-bit Windows, depending on your computer’s Windows version.

Watch the video below to learn how to make your USB into a HitmanPro.Kickstart USB flash drive:

How to use HitmanPro.Kickstart to Delete Ransomeware Infections

Make sure your infected computer is turned off completely.
On your infected computer, put your USB with HitmanPro.Kickstart on it, into your computer. As the computer restarts press F8,F10, F11, or F12 to enter the Boot Menu of your BIOS, these buttons differ depending on your BIOS manufacturer. Choose HitmanPro.Kickstart USB flash drive.

• Download Malwarebytes, to remove malicious files on your computer.

 + Textarea4 +

Follow the video beneath to learn how to use your HitmanPro.Kickstart USB flash drive to delete your infection.

Kaspersky Rescue Disk Removal:

If the other steps did not remove the infection from your computer, you can use this step. You will need a clean computer that is not infected and has internet access, you will need a dvd or a cd that is blank, and you need to make sure the clean computer has a dvd/cd burner.

1. Download Kaspersky Rescue disk and burn it to a cd

A. Below is a link to download Kaspersky Rescue Disk:

Click here to Download Kaspersky Rescue Disk

B. Download ImgBurn from the link provided beneath,
this is needed to make your rescue disk:

Click here to Download ImgBurn

C. Place your blank cd or dvd into your computers disk drive,
open ImgBurn and select Write image file to disk.

D. Select Browse for file located in the Source section and go to the
where you saved Kaspersky Rescue Disc, it will look
like Kav_rescue_10.iso, press Write to begin creating your rescue disk.


Interpol Virus


2. Use your Kaspersky Rescue Disk to Cure the Infection

A. In your infected computer, place your rescue disk into your disk drive, hold down the power button for ten seconds to power down your computer, when your computer is completely shut down press the power button to turn it back on. Almost immediately a screen will appear asking you to press any key to enter the menu, press any key and your computer will continue to boot from the rescue disk.

Interpol Virus

B. Select a language and press on Kaspersky Rescue Disk.Graphic Mode, then hit ENTER. This will start your rescue disk.

Interpol Virus

3. Use Kaspersky Rescue Disk to Scan and Remove the Infection from your Computer

A. When its finished booting you should see a desktop similar to what a Windows desktop looks like. Kaspersky Rescue Disk will be open in the center of the screen..

Interpol Virus

B. Go into the My Update Center tab. Press Start update, this will update the program for any new definitions for anti-viruses or for any new information that the program may be able to use. This may take some time to finish.

Interpol Virus

C. When the update is complete, go to the tab named Objects Scan, choose which drivers you want the program to scan, when you have chosen the drivers you want to be scanned press Start Objects Scan.

Interpol Virus

D. Kaspersky Antivirus will alert you that it has found a virus or Trojan on your computer. Press Delete or Quarantine to delete the virus from your PC.

Interpol Virus

E. Now that the virus removal is complete you need to reboot you computer. Make sure to remove the rescue disk from your disk drive, to avoid booting back into the Kaspersky Rescue Disk. On the bottom left of the screen where the Windows Start button would normally be is the Kaspersky Start buttom. Press on the blue Kaspersky start button and press Restart. Your computer will now start up into your normal Windows operating system.

Nate - Admin

Growing up i always had a passion for computers and programming. My goal now is to take that knowledge and help others who do not have it. With the rapid growing rate that infections are released everyday, its hard for everyone to keep on top of it. That's what this site was made for. I'm currently a Computer Programmer at a Tech Support company, but have always been a Technician at heart. I spend my free time Reverse engineering viruses to develop cures, and learn how they work. This makes helping people who have been infected with any kind of virus a easy and fun task for me. Need help? Leave a comment on any page, or use the "Contact Us" Page and i will respond as soon as i can!

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20 comments on “INTERPOL Virus (Ukash) – Removal Guide

  1. DANIELE on said:


  2. Elaine R on said:

    Success. It took a long time but i was eventually able to get my computer back. My friend told me to reformat, should I do that?

    • Hello Elaine,

      I am very glad to hear that the steps worked for you! Viruses like this can get pretty bad on anyone’s computer, but if you followed our steps to remove this infection you should not have to reformat and should be fine. To be safe though i would recommend changing any passwords you used on your computer recently. This is just to make sure that while the infection was on your computer that it did not log any information of yours. Good Luck!

  3. phil hughes on said:

    hi. i’ve used thekaspersky resue disc to remove the virus, but when i start the machine up again, the same screen shot keeps coming up and i still cant get access. any ideas? Phil

  4. Molly Simms on said:

    It worked. Finally, I tried everything these instructions finally got the job done.

    • Hello Molly,
      Thanks for leaving a comment! I’m glad these steps worked for you. Make sure to take appropriate measures to ensure that you do not get infected again! Thank you.

  5. I used the kaspersky rescue disk, after doing step 2 b. nothing happens i got a black screen ?

    • Hello Krifte,

      Thanks for leaving a comment, now i see you seem to be stuck on one of our steps, but the comment seems to be pretty vague. Have you seen any Kaspersky Disk screen at all? or did it go right to a blank screen? If it did go right to a black screen then chances are the disk was burnt wrong, and you may need to try burning it again. Please comment back with further detail if you still need help. Thanks.

  6. thanks for that – tried a couple of things that did not work but malwarebytes worked first time

  7. TomCass on said:

    I recently had similar issues with removing the Interpol virus and found the following work around.

    A few details about my system first
    Windows XP Professional SP3
    Dell Optiplex 170L (PC) (old I know : )

    I had tried various removal tools including anvisoft and safemode booting without successful removal of the Interpol virus.

    1. Restart your computer.
    2. When the computer reboots and the desktop appears (icons, start menu etc), press the power button on the PC. This initiates a system shutdown and on my PC killed the lock screen.

    3. Other dialog boxes then appear asking you to end more processes.
    4. Prevent the system from shutting down by clicking the close dialog button (x) on any one of those end process dialog boxes that appear.

    I was then able to access my system as normal, download and install malware software which this time found and repaired the infected files. ( previous scans using boot CDs had either failed to find anything or had found only a small number, around 11, infected files).

  8. Stephanie on said:

    These steps won’t work on my laptop, after I click on safe mode my laptop restarts itself and the virus still comes up.

  9. gracias bro por tu aporte ya pude resolverlo se tardo algo pero lo quito con el cd de key

  10. Fregas on said:

    Thank you my friend, just recovered my HP from the dead!

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