Remove System Progressive Protection

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Remove System Progressive Protection

System Progressive Protection is a rogue anti-spyware program released on September 20, 2012.  It’s sister infections have been around for a long time, also known as the Security Tool infection or virus. This particular infection is referred to as a hostage infection because it prevents the user from performing simple functions like surfing the Internet, checking email, and printing documents.  Users get infected by visiting infected websites, opening an email that attached with the infection, or by downloading free software that has the infection attached to the download.

Once an infection like System Progressive Protection is on the computer, it immediately attacks and corrupts the users registry, which is the central nervous system of a computer.  After corrupting the registry, it has control over the user’s system and how they will be able to use the computer.  This control also allows the infection to run fake scans and alerts which in the end prompt the user to purchase its fake software.  At no time should these alerts be mistaken as real or truthful.


Image of System Progressive Protection

System Progressive Protection Image


Prevention and Removal of System Progressive Protection

If the system had an up to date Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware and was properly patched by Microsoft’s security updates, the user would stand a good chance of preventing the infection.  After the system is infected, it becomes increasingly difficult to remove the infection.  Viruses have put in place defensive measures to make sure users cannot simply install software and remove the virus.  This strategy improves their ability to sell fake software to the user.

To get around these defensive measures, we’ve put in place a set of instructions that should help users remove the System Progressive Protection infection from their computers.  Before starting the removal process, we recommend backing up all important files.


Remove System Progressive Protection

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