Virus Removal Instructions

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Step by Step Virus Removal Instructions

**Please read these instructions carefully before starting


Note:  Write down our toll-free support number and keep it on hand.  If you run into any trouble while removing the infection, give us a call for assistance. 

Virus Removal Hotline: (800) 530-8514

  1. Start Windows in Safe Mode with Networking by rebooting your computer.  You can do this by rebooting your computer and hitting the F8 button on your keyboard continuously upon reboot.  After continuously hitting the F8 button, you will see a screen that says, ‘Advanced Boot Options’ or ‘Windows Advanced Options Menu’ (see illustration below).  Arrow down to where it says ‘Safe Mode with Networking’ and hit enter on the keyboard.  You should now be in Safe Mode with Networking.


Windows Advanced Options Menu


  1. Start Internet Explorer and go to Menu > Tools > Internet Options. Click the connections tab and select LAN settings.  In the LAN Settings, go to proxy server and un-check “Use Proxy Server for Your LAN (These settings will not apply to dial-up or VPN connections)”.  Now your browsing should be resumed without the interruption of the infection.


Local Area Network (LAN) Settings


  1. Download Malwarebytes by clicking on the following link:  Malwarebytes Download


  1. Save the file to your desktop (this will make it easy to find when it’s time to run the program).  See the image below for a picture of the Malwarebytes icon.  The file name should be mbam-setup-


Malwarebytes Download Icon (IE)


  1. After the file has been saved to your desktop, close all open windows and applications running on the computer.  This will make sure Malwarebytes launches correctly and promptly.


  1. A Malwarebytes icon will be on your desktop, locate it and double click it.  You should see the following ‘Run’ prompt (see illustration below).


Malwarebytes Run Box


  1. Once the installation starts, the options Update Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and Launch Malwarebytes Anti-Malware should be left checked. (this will make sure you get the latest version of Malwarebytes upon installation)  Click finish!


Update and Launch Malwarebytes


  1. Malwarebytes will now launch.  Once you see the Malwarebytes interface, select ‘Start Trial’.  After you select ‘Start Trial’, you can start the scan (see illustration below).


Malwarebytes Trial

 Malwarebytes Scan


  1. The scan will take several minutes to complete.  After the system is fully scanned, start the removal process.


  1. Click the Remove Selected button and allow Malwarebytes to start the removal process.  After the removal process has been completed, Malwarebytes will give you a log of what was removed.  This file will be located in a text file on the desktop (see illustration below).


Malwarebytes Removal Log

  1. Close or x-out the Malwarebytes interface after the removal process is complete.


  1. We recommend rebooting your computer in Normal Mode.
  1. Finally, we want to make sure the system is running smooth and stable. To ensure that, you should to install PC MRI which is a system stabilizer. Click Here to Continue Stabilizer process.


  1. You have successfully removed the virus from your system.  If you continue to have issues, feel free to call our virus removal hotline at (800) 530-8514.  We are available Monday thru Friday 24 hours a day and 11am-11pm EST on Saturday/Sunday.




Nate - Admin

Growing up i always had a passion for computers and programming. My goal now is to take that knowledge and help others who do not have it. With the rapid growing rate that infections are released everyday, its hard for everyone to keep on top of it. That's what this site was made for. I'm currently a Computer Programmer at a Tech Support company, but have always been a Technician at heart. I spend my free time Reverse engineering viruses to develop cures, and learn how they work. This makes helping people who have been infected with any kind of virus a easy and fun task for me. Need help? Leave a comment on any page, or use the "Contact Us" Page and i will respond as soon as i can!

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67 comments on “Virus Removal Instructions

  1. cuidate on said:

    an impressive offering. Too bad none of it works for me.

    • Removing a virus can be difficult, especially with the new strains being released almost hourly. Give us a call and one of our techs can give you a hand.

  2. grvymom on said:

    Followed the directions given. It appeared to be working but then the virus kept popping up and getting in the way and preventing the running of the sotware. After several attempts I was able to get the scan to run and removed the infected files. Just restarted the computer and it appears to have worked!! Thanks!!!

    • Glad we were able to help. If you need anything in the future when it comes to virus removal, please come back to FreeTechSupport.

  3. Kirsten on said:

    I got through step 7, but the program would not launch after I downloaded it. Is there anything that you suggest?

    • If the program did not launch, it’s probably being blocked by the infection. Are you in Safe Mode with Networking? If so, give us a call and one of our techs can walk you through it. (800) 530-8514.

  4. John Yost on said:

    Thank you for the help, these instructions really saved the day. Now I can get back to my day to day activities.

  5. Patrick Harte on said:

    Quality service !!

  6. Awesome tool and easy to follow instructions. The computer is healed!!! :)

  7. If the infection is blocking MBAM, then try the free tool called RKill.

  8. Great help guys – thanks. Kudos to you all for this service and solution! Worked well for me.

  9. Thank you!

  10. Marc Smith on said:

    Amazing!!! Cant believe it actually worked.

  11. d-troubled on said:

    This win7security thing even opens in safe mode with networking and prevented me from downloading anything. I am trying a copy loaded on a USDdrive from, another computer. Wish me luck

  12. katrina on said:

    wouldnt even alolow me to download it :(

    • Were you in Safe Mode with Networking? If so, you may need to reset a certain registry key to allow the download. Give us a call and one of our techs can walk you through it.

  13. I’ve followed the instructions and everything is seemingly running fine (I can open applications/internet explorer firefox etc without any messages) however when I look at my taskbar I can see the file for ‘smartprotection 2012′. as an item on the taskbar (it is an exe file on the taskbar with various letters & numbers).When I run a scan I am told that I have no infections etc. I’ve also run ad-aware & avast & nothing is found.

  14. Not sure what happened to my message – I followed all the stpes and am no longer having problems but I can see an exe file under notification area icons that says it related to smart protetction 2012. I assume I have not fully removed this virus even though malwarebytes says I have no infections. Any suggestions?

  15. Goncalo on said:

    This is brilliant!! Thank you so much! It real works :)

  16. Worked for me. Great instructions and support. Thank you!

  17. Jenny Rogers on said:

    Thanks for the help, I had Smart Fortress on my computer for over two weeks. I tried AVG and Avast but neither of them worked. After following the instructions on this site, I was able to remove it and get my computer back in working order. If anyone had the same issue that I had, please follow the instruction carefully and it should work for you as well.

  18. Chelle on said:

    Well I start the scan but my computer freezes after a min and a half :( Any ideas would b nice

    • admin on said:

      Are you in Safe Mode with networking? If not, make sure you boot into Safe Mode with Networking before running the scan. If you are in Safe Mode with Networking, uninstall Malwarebytes and then try re-installing.

      If it still freezes when you run the scan, give us a call and someone can walk you through it.

  19. Sander on said:

    Worked for me, thanks!

  20. Willem on said:

    thx for it

  21. Jackie Robinson on said:

    Thanks for the help in removing Smart Fortress 2012. That thing was hell as it took over my computer for a week.

  22. mary on said:

    could you tell me What will happen when I did not check both bottom?

  23. Mary on said:

    Now it is scanning…!!! But I did not check both of bottoms… What should I do now?

  24. Hi. I think the Safe Fortress has been removed, but is there anything i can do to recover my documents and files? They have all been changed from for example “image1.jpg” to “locked-image1.jpeg.****”, where the last 4 characters are random letters. Renaming does not help. thanks!

    • admin on said:

      It sounds like the infection has not been completely removed. Please perform a manual update with Malwarebytes and then run a full scan in safe mode. A scan with kaspersky’s free tool (Tdss Killer) may also help out. I highly recommend that you consult a professional as these infections do mutate and not all smart fortress 2012′s are created equal. Improper removal can lead to corruption of data.

  25. Steve on said:

    Worked like a charm for me! Thanks very much!!

  26. D Carol Lynch on said:

    Are these instructions for me? I thought you removed the virus the other day but in theprocess WordPerfect files got damaged and I can’t use it.

  27. Dexter Brown on said:

    i’m not convinced that my machine has been cured. i followed the steps and found four infections which i subsequently removed. my only issue is that i had stopzilla installed (trial version) which indicated that i had 54 infections from LivePlatinum Security. After rebooting my PC in normal mode, i ran the malwarebytes scan again and found 2 further infections which i had cleared. Any thoughts on the 54 infections stated by StopZilla?

  28. MidwestMom on said:

    I’ve run this solution 3 times, but it’s always back when I reboot. I think I have a more recent version of the malware that has a file that escapes the scan.

  29. Tresa on said:

    Thank you do much!!!!

  30. David on said:

    Worked like a charm. As always a great program.

  31. Greg on said:

    Worked like a charm!! Many thanks!

  32. ghorbani on said:

    thanks thanks thanks

  33. just finished following the step, seems to have worked, but once i booted in normal mode, i ran a scan and found a few more files, they were easy to delete, but i am not sure if it means i still have more to find? or not

  34. also i would just like to thank you for the easy step by step process, this wasnt the first i tried but it was the best explained, and easiest to follow, thanks guys keep up the hard work

  35. Margaret Razey on said:

    I hope this works 17/08/2012

  36. This seems to have worked, thank you! I’m just wondering if I should uninstall malwarebytes now??

    • Malwarebytes is a great program, you should leave it on your computer. Feel free to upgrade to the premium edition for real time protection.

  37. joanbennett on said:

    are you done workinh on my computer

  38. Can’t launch explorer. Virus keeps popping up?

  39. can you uninstall malwarebytes after the removal of the virus?

  40. Gary Leadore on said:

    Can you just do a system restore and restore to date before the virus hit? Will this work??

    • We have seen that system restores has worked at times but not always. It’s worth a try but you might loose other software or applications you installed after the restore point.

  41. Thank you very much your explanations where really clear eaven for a “school level of english” person who doesnt know much about computers :)

  42. will not let me open desktop in safe mode..shuts down

  43. I can only get as far as the safe mode with networking, and I still get the virus blocking my computer.

    • Give us a call and see if one of our malware removal specialist can help you. We can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 800.530.8514. Thank you!

  44. Great work guys worked perfect can’t say thank you enough

  45. i done all of that and nothing happens and its still up there

    • This means you have an advanced strain of the infection. Give us a call so one of our specialist can walk you through some other options. We can be reached at 800.530.8514.

  46. Nalani on said:

    worked PERFECTLY!!!! MAHALO!!!

  47. My laptop has been running very slowly and when i open firefox it takes forever to open and then when it does open all sorts of things pop up anf when i try to search something or open something it says i need to download a flash player. i have malwarebytes and i have been running it everyday and everyday i has like 100-300 malicious items detected, i remove them n my quartine and restart bit i dont thonk none of this is working. ive never tried ot on safe mode, so should i? also i just downloaded avg antivirus software should i delete it. please help im just about to redo my whole laptop but i dont want to lose my pics n music.

    • Hello Briana,
      Thanks for your interest in FreeTechSupport! It sounds like you may have a mixture of a lot of junk programs on start up, and possible infections. If you could hold down the “Windows” Key and press “R” this will bring up the run box. Type “Msconfig” in this box to bring up System Configuration window. On this window click the “Start Up” Tab and Uncheck any tools you don’t want coming up on start up. This will free up a lot of memory on start up, making the computer run a little better.

      For the infection part of your problem, it seems maybe you need to be out of a windows environment to remove these properly. Please go to this link:

      And follow the “KickStart USB Removal” option. This guide will remove any infection on your computer outside of windows. If you don’t have a usb, you can also use a disk with this option:

  48. Briana on said:

    I did it but everday i run my malware and there is always 1 -4 items that still are infected everyday. should i do a system restore? will it take off my windows 7 because i bought my compiuter at a pawn shop a couple years back but iit didnt come with any cds

    • Hello Briana,
      Sometimes Anti-Malware will pick up “Infected” results every time. What is really important is the type. If your Anti-Malware is simply picking up “Cookies” or “PUP’s” on each scan, don’t worry this is normal. Cookies will always be on your computer as long as you surf the internet, and PUP’s are software that is on your computer that perhaps someone people consider junk, but you like to have.

      But if your results are always coming up with “Trojans”, “RootKits”, “Adware” Etc. then this can be a serious issue. You can always perform a system restore as you stated, and see if you can restore your computer back to a time before the virus. Also, a system restore can never take windows off your computer, it can only restore you back as far as the last “System Restore Point”, Which windows needs to be installed to preform.

      If you have any other questions, or need assistance on removing these infections or preforming a restore, Please call us!

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