WebsSearches – Removal Information

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”Webs Searches” – Removal Information



About WebsSearches

WebsSearches hijacks Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome to force display pop up ads. The infection is a advertising application that is created from even more threatening adware, Malware, and other type of malicious applications. Chances are if ads are being forced on your browser from WebsSearches when you are browsing the web, searching or just looking at a website, you are infected with this particular virus. Some of the more serious infections that bring these pop ups are Tracur, Pihar, ZeroAccess/Sirefef Rootkit, Any Adware, or a unwanted hidden or fake program. If pop ups or other suspicious dialogs are always showing your computer, in or out of a browser, and they always seem to link to WebsSearches, you may have one of the infections listed above.

This infection was made by a cyber criminal for one reason, to make money. It forces traffic to the fake site, attempts to sell innocent users to Malicious sites, and shows advertisments while using the internet. You can obtain this infection by email, compromised websites, virus ridden sites. You also may get this virus by getting tricked into downloading software that looks like real software but is only a virus in disguise (Ex. Flash, Java, or a video plugin).

When so many rootkits and infections cause pop ups and adware, it can be hard to pin point what software is causing it and can be difficult to remove. Luckly if you follow the instructions below you will be infection free.


WebsSearches How to remove WebsSearches

Depending on the severity of WebsSearches or how long the computer has been infected, users infected by WebsSearches will require different removal steps. Listed here are the options to remove infections for all stages of progression and all types. Please follow them in order.

  1. Delete WebsSearches malicious applications from your PC – Automatically clear out all infections and WebsSearches.
  2. Delete browser redirects that WebsSearches is causing - Remove associated WebsSearches files. (ADVANCED)
  3. Use Junkware Removal Tool to Unhijack your Browser – Restore your computer to a time and date before WebsSearches.
  4. Use Malwarebytes to Delete Infection from your PC – Manual infection removal and automated infection scan for WebsSearches.
  5. Use HitmanPro to Remove Rootkits and Infections – Load Antivirus (or AM) software to a flash drive, scan for and remove WebsSearches.




alert WebsSearches Professional Note alert WebsSearches Professional

Alot of the time these infections come bundled in with other software you download, and you agree to the virus being on your computer and you do not even know it! When installing software, always make sure you uncheck their offer for other software. Never just click next over and over. Also if their is an option for a custom install, always pick that option as hidden in the installer is a checkbox to install these adware infections.


Step 1 – Delete WebsSearches malicious applications from your PC:

The infection hides itself in other adware infections that you may have downloaded on your computer. Some of these adware infections include:

BrowseDefender, Search Protect, TidyNetwork.com, Delta Toolbar, WebCake 3.0, and DownloadTerms 1.0.
The first thing your need to do is find and delete any infected applications that are on your PC.

A. Hold down the Windows key and press R, this will bring up the run box. In the run box type in "Appwiz.cpl" (without quotes) and press Enter or OK.



B. When you are in Uninstall a Program, look through the programs and find and uninstall LessTabs, BrowserDefender, Delta, WebCake 3.00, WebsSearches Uninstaller , DownloadTerms 1.0, Search Protect, SimpleLyrics, TidyNetwork.com, Selection Links. Also be sure to uninstall any other programs you may have installed recently that look like they might be suspicious. Below is an example of 3 kinds of Malicious software that can cause this infection.


Different applications can install WebsSearches, so program names may not be the same as shown in
this example, or are possibly not installed on your PC. Even if you were unable to find infected
programs you still can continue on to the next step.



Step 2 – Delete browser redirects that WebsSearches is causing:

Internet Explorer Browser Infection Removal

A. Go into Internet Explorer and enter the internet options by clicking the "Gear" settings icon on
the top right and then clicking "internet options" (For older versions of Internet Explorer, click tools
and then internet options).


B. Press the Advanced tab, then proceed by pressing the Reset button.


C. A window called Reset Internet Explorer settings will now appear. Select the box to Delete
personal settings
, and proceed to press the Reset button.


D. When the process is complete, a dialogue box will appear, press Close and then OK.

E. Proceed to Close Internet Explorer and then Reopen into it.

Infection Removal from Mozilla Firefox

A.Open into Firefox, at the top left press the Firefox button, go into the Help Sub-menu and press
Troubleshooting Information. (If your computer is Windows XP, press the Help menu located on the
top of the window in Firefox.)


B. Press the button named Reset Firefox located in the top right area of the Troubleshooting


C. In the window that appears press Reset Firefox.

D. Now Firefox will reset by closing. A window will appear reporting the results, press Finish.

Infection Removal from Google Chrome

A. Open into Google Chrome, in the top right corner press the Chrome menu button, go into Tools and then press Extensions.


B. Now that you are in the Extensions tab, press on the Recycle Bin next to the following extensions,
also include extensions you know you have not installed or any extensions that do not look familiar to
you: WebCake, WebsSearches apps, LessTabs, GetLyrics, DownloadTerms 1.0, TidyNetwork.com, Quick Start.

Also be sure to change your Homepage back to your preferred site if you haven’t already


Step 3 – Use Junkware Removal Tool to Unhijack your Browser:

A. Use the following link to download Junkware Removal Tool:
Click here to download JRT

B. Click on the JRT.exe icon you just installed. If prompted permit the program to run.


C. When Command Prompt opens press any key and the software will start scanning your computer for
the infection. Because the software searches through every file and application on your computer it may take some time to complete.


D. When finished the software will display the results, showing what was removed from your PC. This is not needed and can be closed.

Step 4 – Use Malwarebytes to Delete Infection from your PC:

A. Open your web browser and download malwarebytes at malwarebytes.org, when at the site click “Free Download“. It will redirect you to “Download.com“. Once there click the big green “Download Now” button


B. Once you have downloaded and installed Malwarebytes, open into it and run a full system scan by selecting Perform full scan and then clicking on the scan button located at the lower part of the page.



C. Once the scan is done, Malwarebytes will display thstronge results, showing the malware and possibly the WebsSearches that was found. Now you need to select all of the malicious files and click the Remove Selected button on the lower left side of the page.



If Malwarebytes didn’t work, here are some other popular WebsSearches Removal tools:

Super Anti-Spyware, Hitman Pro, AVG Antivirus, Kaspersky, Microsoft Defender, and Microsoft Security Essentials.

Step 5 – Use HitmanPro to Remove Rootkits and Infections:

A. Now you are going to need to install HitmanPro, this software will remove the rootkit that is on your computer in result of WebsSearches. Download this software from the link provided.

Click Here to Download HitmanPro

B. To start the installation, double click on the downloaded file.

WebsSearches Hitmanico

alert WebsSearches Note alert WebsSearches

If HitmanPro is unable to open on your computer, you need to use “Force Breach” mode. To do this hold down the left "CTRL" key while double clicking on "Hitman Pro" and keep it held down until you see it open.

C. Press the Next button to install.

WebsSearches hitmain

D. Accept the License Agreement and Decide if you want to perform a one-time scan or to install HitmanPro on to your computer, then press the Next button. This will commence that scan of your computer.

WebsSearches hitchoice

E. Now the software will scan your entire computer detecting infected files, this step may take a while.

WebsSearches hitscan

F. When the scan is complete, the software will now show you all of the infected files it found on your computer. Press the Next button to continue.

WebsSearches hitresult

G. Now you need to activate the 30 day trial, so that you can have the software take the infected files off of your computer. To do this press the Activate free license button.

WebsSearches hitact

H. The software will begin taking the malicious files off of your computer, if HitmanPro asks you to restart your computer when it is finished, then make sure to have it restart your computer, ensuring the complete removal of the malware on your computer.

Nate - Admin

Growing up i always had a passion for computers and programming. My goal now is to take that knowledge and help others who do not have it. With the rapid growing rate that infections are released everyday, its hard for everyone to keep on top of it. That's what this site was made for. I'm currently a Computer Programmer at a Tech Support company, but have always been a Technician at heart. I spend my free time Reverse engineering viruses to develop cures, and learn how they work. This makes helping people who have been infected with any kind of virus a easy and fun task for me. Need help? Leave a comment on any page, or use the "Contact Us" Page and i will respond as soon as i can!

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